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Award-winning, patented footwear outsole design for sale

Possibly the most efficient running shoe ever designed!

Every once in a while, a great idea comes along that is ahead of its time. This two-part footwear patent was developed from 25 years of research on gait and biomechanics with a focus on correcting injuries caused by footwear. 

As a former elite triathlete who raced around the world, I was plagued by injuries, mostly caused by late pronation. Over time I learned that neutral soft running shoes with a carved out narrow midfoot outsole was my main nemesis. Another issue I encountered would be the famous pointed toe box, inhibiting the ability to splay the forefoot to assist in stability and push off power. Medially posted footwear are common but unnatural to the human foot because the correction only involves the rearfoot and not the forefoot, where most pronation comes from. 

As a professional biomechanist and orthotist, I found that nearly 75% of my clients are wearing the wrong shoes for their foot type. Through my research, testing and development with name brands such as Teva, Merrell and CAT - I’ve developed a near perfect athletic shoe capable of fitting over 80% of the different foot types. 

Design Nominations:

  • Best in show at Outdoor Retailer in Oregon and Nomination award for top 10 product designs.
  • Best design and best footwear innovation at the European Outdoor Industry show in Friedrichshafen, Germany.

The two part patent is currently available for purchase or a royalty agreement. This footwear outsole is best suited for the active population such as trail running, road running, hiking, hunting, industrial and military.

For more detailed information about the patent including research and test results please contact:

Adriano Rosa

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