Gravitus Plus System

The Gravitus Plus System has 5 patent pending models that focus primarily on replacing costly medical custom orthotics. Each model has more structure than traditional over the counter insoles for support and control. The Plus System utilizes a biometric insole with slightly harder densities in specific areas where you need it most. Since most injuries are related to excessive internal or external rotation of the lower extremities, we have identified 3 levels of pronation (internal rotation) and 2 levels of supination (external rotation) that address over 80% of chronic injuries. 



With the help of your health professional or the Gravitus Insoles staff, we can recommend both the best insoles and shoes for your alignment needs.


Most common uses for the Quadrant Alignment System

QUADRANT 1: Late pronation control, IT Band syndrome (lateral knee pain), patellofemoral chondromalacia (frontal knee pain). Hip pointer with lateral hip pain, piriformis inflammation (glute pain), bunions, great toe pain, stress fracture of shin and foot, Morton's foot type with first toe shorter than second.

QUADRANT 2: Early pronation, flat flexible foot, heel pain, plantar fasciitis, tibialis posterior syndrome (medial ankle pain), medial shin pain, lateral knee pain, lateral impingement ankle pain, stress fracture of shin and foot.

QUADRANT 3: Late supination, lateral shin pain, medial knee pain, medial knee joint compression pain, deep anterior hip pain. Stress fracture of shin and foot.

QUADRANT 4: Early supination, peroneal tendonitis (lateral ankle pain), lateral foot pain, metatarsalgia (ball of forefoot pain most common 3rd and 4th metatarsal pain and bruising), pes anserine bursitis, stress fracture of shin and foot.

NEUTRAL WITH EXTRA ARCH: Near neutral foot types in need of a slightly more supportive arch than our standard insoles. Common uses are: hiking with heavy back packs, plantar fasciitis, medial arch strain, long days on your feet causing lower extremity fatigue and lower back pain.


If you wish to be seen in person for an evaluation at our clinical location, please call us for an appointment: 616-890-2777

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Your online purchase of the Gravitus Plus System includes:

  • Online analysis of the photos and videos you provide
  • Footwear recommendation
  • Follow up communication
  • Recommendation of the right insoles for you based on the Quadrant Alignment System.


How to start the process for your Gravitus Plus System

  1. Select the first pair for $99.90
  2. You will receive a confirmation by email with a health history form and instructions
  3. Reply to us via Email and include: 
    • The Gravitus Plus form
    • 4 photos of your lower extremity (barefoot and wearing shorts)
    • 1 short video walking away from camera, and towards camera (barefoot and wearing shorts) 

First pair


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Additional Pairs may be purchased for a discounted price. (After your diagnosis is performed and the first pair is purchased,  you will receive a discount code for additional pairs)



 *The Gravitus Plus System is not a custom molded medical orthotic or a modified semi-custom device. The Gravitus plus System provides an over the counter supportive insole specifically designed to address pronation and supination imbalances.