About us

Gravitus Performance Insoles has a history dating back to 1990 when it started as a small orthotic lab with the name Zero Gravity. Operating as a consulting company for various orthotic and footwear companies, early on we became a provider of services for local orthopaedic surgeons, podiatrists and physical therapists. In 2000, the company grew into a full service orthotics lab helping clients around the world ranging from patients using orthotics for daily common use to professional and olympic athletes.
In 2016, the company repositioned itself as Gravitus Performance Insoles. The primary goal was to replace costly medical orthotics, often not covered by insurance. By working with physical therapists and health professionals, Gravitus provides a system geared towards rehabilitation and prevention. We believe that every person should have access to proper orthotics and footwear. The new Gravitus Performance Insoles offer a superior patent pending alignment system that replaces the traditional custom orthotic methods.


Adriano Rosa, BS, ATC, Cped, CSCS

Founder of Gravitus, clinical biomechanics specialist since 1990 and footwear designer. I have expertise in the areas of sports performance physiology, functional fitness, functional nutritional counseling,industrial ergonomics, running gait analysis, custom orthotics fabrication, sports rehab, triathlon coaching, bike fitting, professional tennis and triathlon specific custom orthotics.

During my career I have developed 6 US patents related to footwear and footbeds.

Over the past 34 years I have completed over 500 triathlons including 8 Ironman distances. As an avid bow-hunter who solo hunts big game, I love the challenge of rugged terrain under extreme conditions. My goal with Gravitus is to create the best possible orthotic that can be used in any condition or activity throughout the year.

Johnathan Perdok

Co-owner of Gravitus. Originally Adriano’s patient for orthotics and rehab, now best friends and business partners. I am a recovering brain injury victim from a car accident who developed a curiosity for footwear and custom orthotics after seeing the benefits for myself. After my accident, severe head trauma led doctors to assume I would never walk or participate in sporting events again. But, I have proven everyone wrong with tremendous persistence and determination towards improving my quality of life. I have completed 5k runs, I swim 1 mile 3x times a week, work out regularly and I have recently completed two triathlon.