These are our best insoles with gender specific alignment pads. We also utilize our top tech fabric with silver for optimal odor/moisture control.


The female population of hikers and hunters has nearly doubled in the past decade, which is why we created a women's specific insole. The stresses generated by hiking, scouting and standing with backpacks for prolonged periods of time can cause muscle/skeletal strain and fatigue. These insoles are specially designed to accommodate the Q Angle found in female hips and knees. Biomechanical specific pads are used to slow down the rate of late pronation and early supination reducing the chances of knee pain and ankle sprain. By supporting all 3 main arches of the foot, muscle fatigue is reduced to keep you hiking, hunting or on your feet longer.

Uses women’s specific foam densities different than the men’s to accommodate for the female higher and more flexible arch types. Corrections are built in to accommodate for the female’s flexible lower extremity and specific biomechanical needs. Topcover is made of quick dry moisture control fabric with odor control silver technology. The mid construction of the insole uses a dense memory foam that custom forms to the foot with use.  Final assembly takes place in Lowell, MI, USA.

Ideal when used for:
Waterproof boots, waders, rubber boots, hiking hunting and scouting footwear. Best used in temps above 20 degrees.


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