"I'll start out by saying they were easy to trim with a good pair of scissors. I took my existing insoles from my Irish Setter boots and traced them first before cutting and then trimmed and retested a little at a time until they felt correct. I left a very small amount of extra material to allow them to "sink-in" as they are pretty flat when new. I then wore them around the house and the yard while I was taking care of a few things to make sure the were trimmed adequately. Initially, even with my high arches, the arch support and heel support felt a little excessive or bulky, but as I wore them I didn't notice it as much.

Throughout the following weeks I did a lot of stand hunting, but the insoles served me well getting to and from my stands and checking trail cameras. In early November I shot 2 bucks, one of which required an extensive grid search lasting 6 straight hours to locate. That was when I feel the insoles were put to their first test and truly broken-in. My feet, knees, and back felt very little fatigue, so I have to say, the insoles passed that test.

The rest of the season, I tried them in other boots in a range of temperatures with great results. As one final test of durability, I put them in my work boots at my auto repair facility and they've held up fine and have given me plenty of support and cushion on concrete floors.

In closing, I have to say I'm impressed so far. In comparison to the stock insoles that my boots came with, they definitely provide significantly more cushion and support for much longer, resulting in less fatigue. They do require some initial break-in, so I would highly recommend people wear them, in the boots they plan to hunt in, as much as possible before the season or western hunting trip. Overall, I'm very happy with the Gravitus insoles and will continue to use them.

—A.P., Michigan


I am a 40 year old triathlete and ultra marathon trail runner. Over the past few years I have experienced arch pain with the increase of miles. I asked the owner of Gravitus Insoles if he would recommend custom orthotics, but he said it was not necessary so he gave me a pair of trail insoles to try it. The insoles felt more supportive than I thought since I was looking for more cushion. It turns out I did not needed more cushion, instead I needed more support and stability. After a couple of weeks of wearing Gravitus insoles I felt very little arch pain, even during 20 mile runs.

I am currently on my second pair and I strongly recommend it to other athletes.

-R.B., Michigan  


 I swear by the Gravitus Plus insoles! A few years ago I had been slowly moving into the barefoot running with zero drop shoes. I thought I would be more efficient and faster while racing while I trained for a 1/2 Ironman. Instead I developed severe ankle pain and would start to hobble after 3 - 5 miles. My friends encouraged me to find a new hobby, but I wasn't ready to give up yet. Frustrated that I would not be able to complete my race, I talked to a physical therapist who introduced me to the Gravitus Plus orthotic system. I was skeptical but desperate so I tried them, along with new running shoes built with more stability. They felt hard the first few days of breaking them in, but as they molded to my feet I felt better and stronger - with no ankle pain. Not only did I complete my 1/2 Ironman, I've done several long distance races since then and am now training for my first full Ironman. I can honestly say I wouldn't be racing this distance without the insoles.

-J.R., Michigan


Friends, about 10 years ago a pedorthist friend of mine named Adriano Rosa made me a pair of running inserts for my triathlon shoes. He has made inserts for many pro and olympic athletes. I STILL use those inserts. Well he has launched a new company with a much broader product base then I ever dreamed. His quality is exceptional. Inserts were a game changer for me as far as helping to keep my legs fresh even in the ironman. Its the same principles for hunting, snowboarding, and standing at work. Check out his new company website and buy all his stock so he will buy me lunch:) enjoy

-S.D., Michigan


I hunt 2000 acres in Michigan.  I was experiencing foot pain on the long walks to my tree stand. I was always moving around to try to ease the pain in my feet.  After using the Gravitus Insoles, I was able to get to my stand without the discomfort I was experiencing before.  Which enabled me to sit longer without moving.  My insoles fit in my hunting boots without any trimming needed.  They dry quickly between hunts.   

-B.P., Michigan


I was having problems with running injuries when I was 40. I told Adriano that I wanted to still be running when I'm 65 and still running thanks to Gravitus Insoles. Well I'm now 65. Adriano I want to be still running when I'm 85. Thanks for your friendship and all your help.

-J.M., Indiana


Adriano helped me with correcting my running to relieve hip pain through the use of these insoles. I strongly recommend them for anyone dealing with running injuries.

-S.S., Michigan