The Roadrunner is our lightest insole, providing ideal support and performance under the most intense pressure of competition. With runners and triathletes in mind, these insoles are designed to minimize friction by using a smooth moisture control fabric (dry Jersey) that provides a friendly surface for even sockless runners.

We took the Trailhead design and made it lighter with improved shock absorption, plus added perforations in the forefoot area that allows heat and moisture to escape. The yellow pads offer rebounding qualities where pressure points are created under repetitive impact on hard surfaces, this provides an efficient and comfortable stride even when muscles are fatigued.  Final assembly takes place in Lowell, MI, USA.

Ideal when used for: 
Triathlons, road running, walking and most sports performed on firm ground with minimum side to side motion. Tested from 5K to Ironman. (Proper break in process and lube for hot spots recommended).


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