WildAthlete Coaching

Release your WildAthlete

From weekend warriors to pro athletes, everyone needs guidance from a coach. If you lack motivation, need to lose a few pounds, would like to PR on your next event or if you are just interested in boosting your immune system, WildAthlete coaching is for you. I offer complete online wellness coaching services with a strong focus on holistic fitness and functional nutrition. With 30 years of coaching experience and over 500 endurance events under my belt, I've learned a thing or two about maximizing my own natural abilities. Now, is time share this knowledge with you.


  • Nutrition: Weight loss, Sport Specific, Supplements, Motivation 
  • Sports Specific Performance and Conditioning (Triathlon, Running, Hiking, Hunting Fitness
  • Injury recovery, Gait analysis, gait Re-education,Biomechanical Realignment (Gravitus ID Image Assessment Program), Athletic Footwear Recommendation.
  • 50 plus fitness and wellness



Gold Plan: $400 per month. Includes weekly consultation through Zoom, email or text for any of the services above for 6 hours per month.

Silver Plan: $250 per month, every other week contact through Zoom, email or text for any of the services above for 3 hours per month.(most popular plan). 

Bronze: $150 per month, include 1 hour once every four weeks. Also very popular plan for 1 hour consultation sessions.

For best results it is strongly recommended to commit for at least 12 weeks. 

Once we establish the perfect plan for your needs, you will receive a health questionnaire and an electronic invoice. Once payment is received, an introductory online meeting will be scheduled to get you started on your new program.  


For questions or to sign up, contact:

Adriano Rosa BS, BOC-ATC, CSCS, NASM-Sports Nutrition

wildathlete.coach@gmail.com or 616.890.2777